Sources: Fresskowy reaches verbal agreement with MAD Lions




09/11/2023 - 2'

MAD signs its 4th player!

Mid Laner Bartłomiej "Fresskowy" Przewoźnik has reached a verbal agreement with MAD Lions to join the LoL EMEA Championship (LEC), according to Sheep Esports sources. This move marks the fourth acquisition of MAD from the former 2023 Movistar Riders roster.

Current MAD LEC 2024 Roster

Top Lane: ?
Jungle: Javier "Elyoya" Prades Batalla
Mid Lane: Bartłomiej "Fresskowy" Przewoźnik
AD Carry: David "Supa" Martínez García
Support: Álvaro "Alvaro" Fernández del Amo

Head Coach: Tomás "Melzhet" Campelos Fernández

Riding onto the LEC

Despite announcements of rumbles in the LEC's mid lane position and the availability of several star players, sources tell Sheep Esports that Fresskowy remained MAD's number one option throughout this off-season. Per information provided to Sheep Esports, the Polish mid laner was personally endorsed by jungler Elyoya.

With this move, the MAD Lions have now secured one of the two missing pieces to their roster. Coming from the Movistar Riders, Fresskowy is set to re-unite once more with AD Carry David "Supa" Martínez García, and support Álvaro "Alvaro" Fernández del Amo, who were communicated to have reached agreements with the Madrid-based organization earlier this month.

In addition to these new additions, MAD was also reported this week to have found an agreement to renew its agreements with star jungler Javier "Elyoya" Prades Batalla who will be re-joining the squad in the LEC next year. With former MRS coach Tomás "Melzhet" Campelos Fernández at the helm, as documented by Alejandro Gomis, the team is raising excitement among Iberian fans.

In 2023, the Movistar Riders squad was most known for sweeping the LVP SuperLiga, winning both splits of the league before ultimately ending in 2nd place of the EMEA Masters during the summer split, falling to Karmine Corp with a score of 2 to 3 in the Montpellier grand finals.

Built with a core of exciting new rookies, MAD Lions is looking like one of the most interesting new rosters of this off-season as the team heads into 2024.

- Marian "Eros" Stoica -

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