Sources: Ryuzaki to join AEGIS instead of Elramir




22/11/2023 - 2'

AEGIS heads in a different direction.

Jungler Dušan "Ryuzaki" Petković has reached a verbal agreement with AEGIS to join the LFL, according to Sheep Esports sources. Despite having initially reached verbal agreements with jungler Taha "Elramir" Yurdagüven, changes led both parties to mutually agree to cancel their future collaborations. Subsequently, this development paved the way for the signing of the Serbian jungler.

New Beginnings

After competing for three years with Zero Tenacity and securing four regional championships, the Serbian jungler is now embarking towards new opportunities, aiming to make his debut in the LFL. In a twist of fate, he found his way to the current most successful ERL following changes in AEGIS' roster for 2024. With a first entry into the LFL, Ryuzaki now stands to be tested among the higher leagues.

Venturing into this new challenge, the former Ultraliga and EBL champion is now poised to face opponents fiercer than any he has encountered before. Having always been considered a star of the Polish league, he will attempt to move abroad and show that his skills rival those of other LFL junglers. In the past, the Serbian jungler also competed in Brazil's secondary circuit, narrowly missing a promotion to the CBLOL in 2020.

In the past, Ryuzaki proved to be capable of adapting to the meta well and has played wide variety of picks such as Lee Sin, Sejuani, Maokai, Graves, Vi, Wukong, or even Trundle who remains his most played to date. According to LOLPros, the player has generally peaked outside of challenger thresholds but has always maintained a high rank compared to regional opponents

Full AEGIS LFL 2024 roster

Top: Tobiasz "Agresivoo" Ciba
Jungle: Dušan "Ryuzaki" Petković
Mid: Andrija "Nafkelah" Kovačević
ADC: Gian "Hid0" Miguel Caruana
Support: Đai-vinh "Veignorem" Lussiez
Head Coach: Thomas "Chama" Chalmandrier

- Brieuc "LEC Wooloo" Seeger -

- Armand Luque -