Sources: pANcada is in advanced negotiations to return to LOUD



27/05/2024 - 2'

pANcada also attracted interest from FURIA, but turned down the club's offer

Valorant World Champion with LOUD in 2022, Bryan "pANcada" Luna is in advanced negociations with the structure to make his return to the Brazilian team, according to sources at Sheep Esports. Although he is one of the world's best Controllers, pANcada had a less successful year in 2023 with another major North American club, Sentinels, who won the Reykjavik Masters in 2021. The club asked him to play in the Sentinels position, but without much success: pANcada and his team were eliminated in the first round of the Lock//In in Sao Paulo, then finished 7th in the VCT Americas, before missing out on qualification for the Champions in the Last Chance Qualifier.

After this difficult season, Sentinels decided to bench pANcada ahead of the VCT Americas Kick-Off and replace him with Jordan "Zellsis" Montemurro. The team's victory in this inaugural tournament reinforced Sentinels' strategy, which last March left pANcada free to explore his options, without a buy-out. The team went on to win the Madrid Masters, but then had a much more complicated Stage 1, being eliminated at the group stage. LOUD is not in much better shape, as the winner of the VCT Americas 2023 qualified for the play-offs in extremis, only to be beaten in the first round.

Back in a month

At LOUD, pANcada would take the place of his compatriot Gabriel "qck" Lima, who left the team on 19 May after six months with the club. pANcada had also attracted interest from FURIA, but turned down the team's offer, according to sources at Sheep Esports. The Brazilian would return to competition on 22 June for Stage 2 of the VCT Americas. Placed with LOUD in the Omega group, pANcada would have the opportunity to face his former team in the Alpha group.

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