Sources: Orbit Anonymo rebuilds new roster amid budget cuts




15/05/2024 - 6'

The Polish Organization is Set to Rebuild Around 5 New Players

Polish organization Orbit Anonymo Esports have now secured a new roster formed around top laner yeti, jungler Aincardz, mid laner pump, bot laner Kehvo, and support Uden to compete in the Ultraliga, according to sources close to Sheep Esports. Following three appearances at the EMEA Masters in a row, the team is now set to scale back its operations amidst budget cuts.

Lowered Expectations

Despite much success in the Polish regional league, sources indicate that Orbit Anonymo is now scaling back its operations within League of Legends, cutting its spending by more than half of its previous investments. In addition to this, sources indicate that the team began its off-season later than other Ultraliga competitors, as they were delayed by budget explorations.

A team that has reached the EMEA Masters three times in a row and just achieved its best results yet, Orbit Anonymo is now headed in a different direction, to the surprise of many. Following this news, the team is now set to part ways with its entire spring split roster and staff.

With these changes, the team is now investing in a younger and more inexperienced roster, with the aim of surprising and shocking the competition. While expectations may not be as high as with their previous roster, Orbit Anonymo is expected to be a solid dark horse within the Ultraliga.

Orbit Anonymo lifting the Ultraliga trophy - Summer 2023. Courtesy: Ultraliga
Orbit Anonymo lifting the Ultraliga trophy - Summer 2023. Courtesy: Ultraliga

Joining from A One Man Army, mid laner Omar "pump" Noorzaai and bot laner Aleksi "Kehvo" Merta are joining the team after a second-place finish in the Elite Series and an attendance at the EMEA Masters. The two players will now have to step up to the level of the Ultraliga and prove that they can compete in a larger league. While pump remains a rather inexperienced player, Kehvo should prove to bring veteran insights, as he has competed within the ERLs for several years.

In a similar light, top laner Szymon "yeti" Wójcicki is coming off a strong split with GTZ Esports in the LPLOL. Despite coming from a smaller league, the player has just attended the EMEA Masters and achieved the region's best results at the tournament, ending the play-in stage with a 3-3 score.

To close off the roster, the team is also set to welcome support player Patryk "uden" Czerniawski, who previously reached fourth place with Xoldiers in the LVP Superliga 2nd Division, and Ultraliga rookie jungler Michał "Aincardz" Satuła, who has previously only competed within the 2nd Division of the Polish league with

To ensure that the roster succeeds in its endeavors and performs in the league, the organization has also secured the support of head coach Jakub "Wielokostek" Rutecki and assistant coach Jakub "grzybarez" Rezwow, who competed with Meavedron and GRP Esports respectively.

Among other players who were considered for the team were top laner Mateusz "Matixx" Dworakowski, jungler Marcin "belit" Swereda, jungler Krystian "Krysia" Dobrzański, mid laner Maciej "Secrett" Charzyński, adc Mikołaj "wittman" Kuta, and much more.

All in all, the roster will have much to prove if it wants to compete with the best teams in the league but should still prove a powerful foe for weaker competitors in the Ultraliga.

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