Sources: Gaëthan set to join GTZ Esports in the LPLOL




15/05/2024 - 3'

French Top Laner Joins the LPLOL For The First Time.

Top Laner & Content Creator Gaëthan "Gaëthan" Baron is set to join GTZ Esports to compete in the Liga Portuguesa de League of Legends (LPLOL), according to Sheep Esports sources.

Having previously competed in the LFL Division 2 and the LVP Superliga, this will be the player's first foray into a non-accredited ERL. It is believed that upcoming changes to the EMEA Masters likely influenced this move, as the attractiveness of smaller leagues grows.

New Horizons in Portugal

Following disappointing results in the first half of the year, the French top laner is now headed to Portugal with GTZ Esports, as indicated by sources. Despite failing to meet expectations with Klanik Esport in the LFL Division 2, the player has remained proactive and highly motivated throughout this off-season. After announcing in March that he would evaluate offers from all regions, the top laner has now found a new home. Gaethan has peaked in Challenger at 1121 LP this season, reaching said rank for the 5th year in a row and remaining a strong prospect for teams from smaller regions.

While this move may be considered a downgrade for Gaethan, it is important to keep in mind that several changes are currently underway within the League of Legends EMEA ecosystem. With smaller leagues gaining importance, a victory in the LPLOL could now very well secure Gaethan a ticket to his first EMEA Masters attendance. Sources indicate that GTZ's decision also comes after being influenced by these changes, as the value of a first-place finish in the LPLOL has significantly increased with the promise of a Main Stage slot at the EMEA Masters.

At this time, Sheep Esports cannot confirm if other changes will be made to the rest of GTZ Esports' roster.

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