LEC - Summer Split: Team of the Week 1



10/06/2024 - 4'

Three teams are 3-0 after the first week

Monday saw the conclusion of the first week of the regular season for the summer split of the LEC, the EMEA elite of League of Legends. Three teams are unbeaten (3-0) and share top spot in the standings: Team BDS, Fnatic and SK Gaming. It's therefore logical that all three should feature in our LEC Team of the Week.

Toplaner: Oscarinin

The toplane was not in the limelight this time around. But while a number of players managed to pull off reference games, Óscar "Oscarinin" Muñoz was probably the most consistent over three nights (along with Joël "Irrelevant" Scharoll). The Spaniard first returned to the Summoner's Rift to challenge Karmine Corp with his signature champion, Poppy. After a tougher-than-expected start to the game against Kim "Canna" Chang-dong's Jax - a counter match-up - Oscarinin picked himself up, particularly around the objectives. He then put in a decent performance on Renekton against GiantX before taking advantage of a much better constructed draft by Fnatic against Vitality to make his Rumble work.

Jungler: Razork

It certainly wasn't Iván "Razork" Martín's most sparkling week. And for good reason, the jungler piloted Ivern twice at the start of the summer split. But the Spaniard fulfilled his mission perfectly. Firstly, by making himself very available in the laning phase to offer pressure and tempo to his team-mates. Then by becoming the ultimate support in teamfights, making his carries perfectly unfallable. Above all, Razork also donned the carry suit in Fnatic's third match, against Vitality. The jungler played an excellent Xin Zhao (5/0/6) to become the main architect of the Black and Orange's success against the Bees. While other contenders put in more remarkable one-night performances, Razork was certainly the most consistent.

Midlaner: Nisqy

Yasin "Nisqy" Dinçer was the guarantor of balance at SK Gaming. While his teammates shone more brightly in certain games - Ismaïl "Isma" Boualem against Rogue, Joel "Irrelevant" Scharoll and Lee "Luon" Hyun-ho against G2 Esports - the Belgian delivered three very solid matches with three different champions. Against the Samurais in particular, Nisqy was able to find the right shifts early in the game to allow his botlane to prosper. The midlaner wasn't entirely faultless against GiantX, but he still took responsibility for his Azir and helped his side avoid tragedy, ending the game with nine eliminations. In fact, SK Gaming's two carrys really came into their own, as Cho "Rahel" Min-seong's record was much the same as his captain's: excellent.

AD Carry: Ice

Quiet but effective with Senna on Saturday, Yoon "Ice" Sang-hoon took the spotlight in his other two outings this week with Jinx. Against Heretics, despite a sluggish start for Team BDS as a whole, the South Korean ad carry capitalised perfectly on a perfect engagement from his support (see below) to pick up the first pentakill of the summer split. Ice then manoeuvred perfectly in Monday's clash with G2 Esports. Solid at the start of the game, the adc then stayed on his feet in the face of a resilient Samurai comeback, to finish his game with an immaculate KD/A of 5/0/9. Ice also won this week's match-up against Steven "Hans Sama" Liv, who has been on the back foot over the last three days.

Support: Labrov (MVP of the week)

Labros "Labrov" Papoutsakis put in three top-class performances for the return of the LEC, making a major contribution to BDS's unbeaten run this week. Immortal on his Nautilus against Vitality, the Greek was especially sparkling in his two Rell games. Against Heretics, Labrov made a series of particularly inspired attempts. This continued until a final decisive engage on the midlane, which allowed the Swiss outfit to cruise to victory. Against G2, the support laid down the law in the early game, again providing ideal set-ups for his team-mates. With a KD/A of 5/9/34, Labrov is our MVP of the week.

Header Photos Credit: Riot Games

- Lucas Jacque -