EMEA Masters Summer Format Changes for 2024


05/06/2024 - 5'

The new format will feature a total of 60 teams and more surprises

Riot Games has heard the community loud and clear. The publishers of League of Legends were criticized by some fans last March when they unveiled the format for the Summer 2024 edition of the EMEA Masters. The envisaged format gave a predominant place to the minor ERLs to the detriment of the strongest leagues, with the risk of leveling the competition downwards. Riot has reacted to this and has largely readjusted its format, opening the floodgates completely: the best ERLs will no longer be penalized (at all), but the minor ERLs will also have their card to play. With these changes, the new EMEA Masters format debuting this split will, in fact, feature no fewer than 60 teams from all 13 ERLs.

Still, the publishers have opted to retain the idea of a three-stage competition, as originally planned for this summer. Though the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) remains untouched, the previously planned group stage will now adopt a Swiss Round format (just like Worlds), before eventually culminating in a single-elimination playoffs phase. Out of the 32 participating teams in the LCQ, only 4 will have a chance at reaching the Swiss Stage. There, the qualified teams will be joined by 28 other pre-seeded participants. Competing with one another, teams will have to win four matches if they wish to reach the playoffs, but four defeats will also mean direct elimination. With 16 teams advancing to the final phase, all remaining participants will also now compete in a fully BO5 single-elimination bracket, another request emitted by the community.

Read on to find out more about each of the three phases.

Tournament Phases

Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ)

Dates: July 31 - August 2
Format: 32 teams divided into four single-elimination brackets with regional protection to avoid clashes.
Match Type: Best-of-three for the first two rounds; best-of-five in the final round.
Outcome: Four teams advance to the Swiss Stage.

Last Chance Qualifier as displayed by Riot Games
Last Chance Qualifier as displayed by Riot Games

Swiss Stage

Dates: August 5 - August 13
Format: 32 teams (4 from LCQ and 28 directly qualified).
Match Type: Best-of-one for initial matches; best-of-three for qualification/elimination matches.
Objective: Teams must secure four wins to reach the Playoffs; four losses result in elimination.
Outcome: 16 teams advance to the Playoffs.

Swiss Stage as displayed by Riot Games
Swiss Stage as displayed by Riot Games


Dates: August 15 - August 22
Format: Single elimination, best-of-five matches.
Outcome: The top teams compete for a spot in the 2024 EM Summer Finals in Munich on August 30.

16-team playoffs as displayed by Riot Games
16-team playoffs as displayed by Riot Games

Slot Distribution

To ensure fair representation, slot distribution has been updated:

Accredited ERLs: Six slots each. The top three teams qualify directly to the Swiss Stage, while the other three go to the LCQ.

Non-accredited ERLs: Four slots each. The distribution between the Swiss Stage and LCQ depends on recent performance at EM events.

Sheep Esports representation of the new EMEA Masters slot distribution
Sheep Esports representation of the new EMEA Masters slot distribution

Broadcasting and Coverage

The schedule of matches will be packed, with all regional leagues broadcasting their teams' games. Additionally, numerous co-streams will be available, providing various viewing options.

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- Brieuc "LEC Wooloo" Seeger -