Sources: Ice set to join Team BDS




22/11/2023 - 5'

Set to follow in Noah's footpath.

Bot Laner Yoon "Ice" Sang-hoon has signed a contract to compete for Team BDS to join the LoL EMEA Championship (LEC), according to Sheep Esports sources. With free agency officially underway as of yesterday, the South Korean AD Carry has finalized his plans for the upcoming competitive year. He will be stepping into the shoes of Juš "Crownie" Marušič within the Swiss organization.

Despite only changing only one of their five starting players, BDS are the last team to complete their roster in the LEC.

A long offseason

Earlier this month, Sheep Esports reported that, despite good results at Worlds, the team was aiming to replace its previous bot laner for next year. Having caused debates among fans and viewers of European League of Legends, the team's new bot laner, Yoon "Ice" Sang-hoon, will have large shoes to fill as he makes his first appearance in the league.

Prior to reaching this agreement and signing the South Korean player, the team had priority on securing Matyáš "Carzzy" Orság. Carzzy was a strong domino in the AD carry position this offseason. Because of this, BDS waiting for him to choose a team between several in the LEC. Unexpectedly, the Czech player ended up joining Team Vitality.

Following those events, BDS second option for the LEC was AD Carry Jeong "BAO" Hyeon-woo. However, the team was unable to find a deal with him as he had already reached a verbal agreement with Gentle Mates in the LFL. While BAO's verbal agreement allowed him to explore options in LEC & LCS for weeks prior to this move, the limit date for this option had already expired once BDS could commit to the player. Despite a strong will to be in LEC, BAO ended up declining the offer as he wanted to respect his own words of commitment towards Gentle Mates.

Following this, BDS began discussions with several AD Carries from South Korea. Considered names included Seo "deokdam" Dae-gil and Lee "Prince" Chae-hwan. In the end, the Swiss organization aimed to prioritize players familiar with an English-speaking environment in Western teams. Among the many options considered, they eventually chose Ice, and they even had an in-person meeting with him in Seoul recently.

With this move, the team has now locked its line-up for 2024. Sources reveal that BDS players whose contracts were set to expire this year, had a clause triggering an automatic extension if BDS reached Worlds in 2023, a feat they successfully achieved.

During 2023, BDS was seen as underdogs of the LEC and entered the year with little to no expectations. Surprising many, they eventually went on to finish as runner-ups of the league in Spring before eventually qualifying as EMEA's fourth seed at Worlds. Winning the Worlds Qualifying Series and making it through play-ins, they would eventually drop out in the swiss stage, still achieving results which were deemed unthinkable at the start of the year. Now, BDS will aim to accomplish the same feats with a new bot laner.

From Korea to EMEA

Having begun his career in South Korea, Ice is now looking to make a name for himself in a new region. Replacing Oh "Noah" Hyeon-taek in summer of this year, the South Korean bot laner is looking to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, as he now looks to prove his talents in the LEC. During his tenure under Zero Tenacity, Ice helped the team win the EPL and sweep the group stage of the Ultraliga before unfortunately falling in the playoffs, missing out on a participation at the EMEA Masters.

It is also important to retrace Ice's history through the LCK and its Challengers League. First starting his professional career in 2020, the player was initially scouted by SANDBOX Gaming with whom he competed up until this year. Playing within the Academy Series, he would eventually find himself promoted to the organization's CL roster. There, he would compete over two years with the team, achieving decent results.

Unfortunately, the South Korean bot laner would never find success in his home region besides winning the Korea esports Games Championship in 2020 with the city of Incheon.

During the offseason, the player was considered by many ERL teams such as BK ROG Esports and Geekay Esports during the offseason. But in the end he will be joining BDS as he now aims to achieve new highs and prove himself as a worthy contender.

Full BDS 2024 LEC roster

Top: Adam "Adam" Maanane
Jungle: Théo "Sheo" Borile
Mid: Ilias "nuc" Bizriken
ADC: Yoon "Ice" Sang-hoon
Support: Labros "Labrov" Papoutsakis
Head Coach: Yanis "Striker" Kella

- Brieuc "LEC Wooloo" Seeger -

- Armand Luque -