Sources: Carzzy set to re-join Team Vitality




15/11/2023 - 4'

As MAD head in a different direction, Carzzy returns to VIT.

In the luminous embrace of the esports arena, Matyáš, found a quiet refuge backstage. Amidst the rhythmic hum of keyboards, a familiar bee, once a shared secret, delicately alighted on his hand. Their connection, silent but charged with history, spoke of an unspoken reunion after a heart's hiatus. Unseen eyes, like a silent witness named Hyli, observed the intimate ballet, sensing the stirrings of a love story poised for resurgence. As the bee departed, MatyášJ's gaze lingered, their silent dialogue echoing promises of a rekindled passion. Little did they know, this gentle exchange would lead to a fiery reunion—a tale of esports and desire, DJing and passion, waiting to unfold in the hushed corridors of intimacy.

Dj Carzzy disguising as a bee
Dj Carzzy disguising as a bee

The path to reunion

DJ Carzzy, also known as AD Carry Matyáš "Carzzy" Orság, is set to drop the beat back with Team Vitality following a year with MAD Lions, sources tell Sheep Esports. The player reached a verbal agreement with the LEC organization last night.

After being given the opportunity to explore options early in the off-season by MAD Lions, Carzzy attracted interest from several LEC teams. Specifically, he received offers from both Fnatic and Team BDS, marking the second consecutive year Fnatic pursued the player.

As Carzzy declined the offer, Fnatic ultimately selected AD Carry Oh "Noah" Hyeon-taek to be paired with Support Yoon "Jun" Se-jun, for their 2024 roster. Had Carzzy joined, he would have likely been paired with a support from Europe, with options like Trymbi or rookie supports from ERLs being considered. Sources were also expecting Carzzy to accept Team BDS's offer back then, given the team's recent successful Worlds run and the AD Carry position being the only one undergoing a change.

In a somewhat unexpected turn of events, Carzzy opted to accept Vitality's offer. The prospect of reuniting with Support Zdravets "Hylissang" Iliev Galabov in his former organization may have influenced this decision. However, the player's choice also aligns logically with the reunion with the former MAD Lions coaching staff.

From Lions to Bees

Hylissang and Carzzy were met with a challenging yet successful year in 2023. Competing under the banner of MAD Lions, the duo experienced both remarkable highs and difficult lows. Despite the adversities, they consistently ranked among the top players in the LEC throughout the year, establishing themselves as key contributors to MAD Lions' success, particularly on reaching the international stage.

With a strong core now secured, the team is aiming to revitalize itself as it heads into 2024. In the latest competitive season, Vitality has struggled to achieve its goals despite a roster which was hyped by many to make waves in the LEC. Ending the summer split in 10th place, Vitality was met with an early exit in the LEC this year, while MAD Lions went on to finish in 3rd position and attend the World Championship.

While Carzzy originally began his pro career in the LEC with MAD Lions in 2020, this move will not represent the first time that the 21-year-old bot laner will play for Vitality. Moving over in late 2021, Carzzy last played with the French organization during the 2022 season. Under Vitality, he achieved a 5th and 7th place finish in the LEC along with his former lane duo Labros "Labrov" Papoutsakis. Despite having re-joined MAD at the start of 2023, the Czech bot laner is now returning to his previous team.

It remains to be seen what the player, known for posting fanfics on Twitter, will achieve next year with Team Vitality in the LEC.

Carzzy and Hylissang, playing together for MAD Lions at Worlds 2023.
Carzzy and Hylissang, playing together for MAD Lions at Worlds 2023.

Current VIT 2024 LEC Roster

Top Lane: Kyeong "Photon" Gyu-tae
Jungle: Kacper "Daglas" Dagiel
Mid Lane: ?
Bot Lane: Matyáš "Carzzy" Orság
Support: Zdravets "Hylissang" Iliev Galabov

Head Coach: James "Mac" MacCormack
Assistants: Patrick "Pad" Suckow-Breum AND Alexander "Carter" Cartwright

- Brieuc "LEC Wooloo" Seeger -

- Armand Luque -