Sources: Eyliph, Skude and HawHaw set to join Esprit Shōnen in LFL Division 2




15/05/2024 - 4'

Eliminated in the first round of the play-offs in the spring, ES changes its entire topside

Toplaner Cedric "Eyliph" Robert , jungler Andreas "Skude" Skude and midlaner Alexander "HAWHAW" Hegland have reached a verbal agreement with Esprit Shōnen and will join the team for the summer split of LFL Division 2, according to sources at Sheep Esports. Miraculously qualified for the play-offs in the spring split, the team is parting ways with all three members of its topside after being eliminated in the first round of these play-offs.

Of the three recruits, Eyliph is the only Frenchman and also the only one to have already played in the country. He played in the top flight, the LFL, with IziDream in the summer of 2020 before spending 2021 with Solary. The toplaner then moved abroad and played in a series of ERLs, including the NLC (Northern League), the PG Nationals (Italy) and the GLL (Greece). It was with Anorthosis Famagusta that Eyliph discovered the EMEA Masters during the two editions in 2023, but also that the player won the only title of his career in the ERL last summer. Having returned to Italy at the start of 2024, Eyliph remains on the back of a frustrating third-place finish in the spring split. His team, Atleta Esport, dominated the regular season (13-1) but lost its two BO5s in the play-offs.

An experienced roster

Skude has also travelled extensively in Europe. On the professional scene since 2017, the jungler has played at various levels at home in Denmark, but also in Germany, in the NLC or even in the Balkans in the EBL. Along the way, Skude has had the opportunity to compete in the EU Masters on four occasions. The Dane made his first appearance in the competition at the spring split Main Event in 2020, but failed to emerge from the play-in on his three other attempts. Since 2023, Skude has opened a new page in his career, in the Arabian League. He achieved good results with RA'AD in 2023 (2nd in the spring, 3rd in the summer) and again in 2024 with Fox Gaming (3rd in the spring split).

In terms of experience, HawHaw is not to be outdone. The 24-year-old Norwegian also launched his career in 2017. He too came through the NLC and has already contested the EU Masters on four occasions. The midlaner has been a little more successful there than Skude, as HawHaw has played the Main Event three times: with Macko Esports in the summer of 2022 and with Anorthosis Esports during the two editions in 2024. Winner of the last three segments in which he took part in his local league in Italy (PGL) and Greece (GLL), HawHaw failed to make the pass of 4. The midlaner "only" finished third in the GLL spring split, with Gamespace MCE.

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