Sources: Apeks reach verbal agreements with soulcas, AvovA, and Molsi




28/11/2023 - 3'

Apeks is aiming for the top.

Players Dom "soulcas" Sulcas, Auni "AvovA" Chahade, and Michał "MOLSI" Łącki have reached verbal agreements with Apeks to compete in a VALORANT Challengers League, according to sources from Sheep Esports.

Dominating the Challengers Scene

soulcas, a key member of Team Liquid since 2021, boasts significant achievements. Throughout his tenure with the team, he achieved great success and helped the organization participate in the last 3 Champions tournament. Winning the VCT EMEA League in 2023, the player proved himself to be a contender among the best that the region had to offer.

Having competed in several high tier tournaments, the player's descent to the 2nd tier of competition comes off as a surprise. Sources tell Sheep Esports that the team expects to dominate the challengers circuit and aim for promotion to the VCT next year. In addition to this acquisition, two players, who also participated in VCT EMEA last year, are joining Apeks.

AvovA, who competed most recently for Team Heretics in the VCT League, was met with struggles in 2023. The player is still expected to be a great addition to the roster as he is most notable for his previous tenure in G2 Esports in 2021 and 2022, with whom he participated in multiple international tournaments.

To conclude the move, the team is also expected to add Molsi to its roster. The player, while mostly inactive in the second half of this year, was previously part of Team Vitality, who also competed in the VCT EMEA League. With them, he reached a 5-6th place finish in the tournament before eventually leaving his team following the team withdrawal from the last-chance qualifier due to the regretful passing of Twisten.

Apeks has undergone a mandatory team restructuring after all of its former players secured spots on VCT teams for 2024. Tobias "ShadoW" Flodström reportedly reached a verbal agreement with KOI, Martin "Magnum" Peňkov is said to be joining Karmine Corp, while the rest of the core—Enzo "Enzo" Mestari, Georgio "Keiko" Sanassy, and James "Mistic" Orfilawere announced with Team Liquid in November.

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