Sources: Farfetch & Xico set to join Guasones in the SuperLiga




05/12/2023 - 3'

With plenty of room to impress, the two stars are ready for action.

Mid Laner Francisco José "Xico" Cruz Antunes and Support Berk "Farfetch" Badur have reached agreements to join Guasones in the LVP SuperLiga, according to Sheep Esports sources. Despite a low budget this year, Guasones, which was recently re-invited to compete in the 1st division of the league, is set to bring two strong veterans and former stars onto its new roster.

Full GSNS SuperLiga 2024 Roster

Top Lane: Muhanad "Spooder" Sharad
Jungle: Francisco "Thayger" Mazo
Mid Lane: Francisco José "Xico" Cruz Antunes
Bot Lane: Jakub "Syzyfek" Bareła
Support: Berk "Farfetch" Badur

Coach: José Miguel "FearlessS" Pinto Lima dos Santos

High Potential

Despite an unfortunate 2023 season, Guasones is now looking to bounce back as it prepares for the coming season. Ending both splits of the SuperLiga in 10th place and losing in the league's promotion tournament, the organization has struggled greatly since its entry in the 1st division. Hoping to redeem its past performances, the team is now securing the last members of its starting roster.

As first reported by KOI Sevilla, the team locked its top side earlier last month, reaching agreements with Muhanad "Spooder" Sharad and Francisco "Thayger" Mazo. Later, per sources, the team also reached agreements with bot laner Jakub "Syzyfek" Bareła. Bringing several new faces to the SuperLiga 1st Division, the signings of Xico and Farfetch should prove to be well suited for the organization.

With a mix of promising rookies and veterans, the team now hopes to return to its pre-2023 form within the region's lower circuits and prove itself once more. Upon reaching out to Guasones for comments on this story, the team answered that their ambition was to fight for playoffs.

In addition to this comment, the team also expressed its gratitude to its players for believing in them. Per information in the team's response, Guasones had a rather low budget heading into 2024. Despite this, the players agreed to take on a lower pay in order to compete with the organization on one of the EMEA region's biggest stages.

Last year, Xico competed with Rebels Gaming, with whom he ended in 3rd place during the spring split, narrowly missing out on an EMEA Masters appearance. In summer, the team would struggle and would eventually decide to part ways with the Portuguese mid laner, who would eventually compete on Zero Tenacity in the Ultraliga, with whom he also ended up in 3rd place of the Polish league.

Facing similar struggles, Farfetch had an atypical season last year. Failing to find a team in spring, the Turkish support would join SuperMassive in April to compete in the EMEA Masters, unfortunately losing in the tournament's play-in stage. Later, the player would move to the Balkan league in order to compete with Crvena zvezda Esports. Unfortunately, the team would struggle with multiple roster changes and would eventually fail to make it to the playoffs.

With a newfound momentum, the players are now aiming to reclaim their past glory and help elevate Guasones to new heights as the team hopes to clear itself of its 10th place curse.

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