Sources : Typhoon and Blue have reached a verbal agreement with Beşiktaş Esports in TCL



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After reaching two finals in the spring split, Besiktas Esports change up their roster

Jungler Tayfun "Typhoon" Gümüş and midlaner Ersin "Blue" Gören have reached a verbal agreement with Beşiktaş Esports in the TCL (Turkey), according to sources at Sheep Esports corroborating information revealed this Monday by our colleagues at Flank Esports. Beşiktaş, current EMEA Masters finalists, have considered many options during the offseason.

A long offseason

It's already during the EMEA Masters that Beşiktaş Esports started to look for options in the jungle as a replacement for Osman "Osman123" Meriç Çince. The team at first considered junglers such as Ali "CHEF" Durgut or Mustafa "RAMES" Korkmaz. In the end they decided to acquire Tayfun "Typhoon" Gümüş.

Beşiktaş was also looking at players from South-Korea for both the midlane and jungle positions. At first, they offered to extend Midlaner Jeong "Mireu" Jo-bin who instead decided to join Gentle Mates in the LFL, as reported by Sheep Esports. Other midlaners such as An "FIESTA" Hyeon-seo, Adam "LIDER" Ilyasov and Kim "Lava" Tae-hoon were also considered over the course of the offseason. While it is unkown where Lider and Lava could play next split, Fiesta decided to join Supermassive instead.

Blue and Typhoon join the EMEA Masters finalists

Both Blue and Typhoon were already playing in the Turkish league in the spring of 2024, with NASR eSports and Papara Supermassive respectively. However, they each had a very different start to the season. While Typhoon only finished 7th in the TCL, Blue was crowned champion with Supermassive. Indeed, in the TCL finals, Blue and Papara Supermassive had reverse swept Beşiktaş Esports for a 3-2 victory.

After the disappointment of the TCL, Beşiktaş bounced back at the EMEA Masters. The team once again reached the final, knocking out title contenders SK Gaming Prime and above all BDS Academy. But once again, the club lost out in the final stages following a deafeat against Eintracht Spandau (3-1).

When reaching out to Beşiktaş Esports for comment on this report, a spokensperson replied "We are very happy to keep 3 valuable players from the roster that made the TCL Final and the EMEA Masters Final. We had to change the mid lane and jungle roles. Here, we made an agreement with the jungle player "Typhoon", who knows our league very well, and "Blue", who has competed in important leagues such as Europe and America. We have full faith that the roster will be successful, our only expectation in this regard is the support from our fans. We exist and do this job with their support. My only request is that they always be with us and watch us."

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