Sources: Shelfmade set to join Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition




13/05/2024 - 3'

The 17-year-old Toplaner joins UOL as toplane substitute

Toplaner Francesco "Shelfmade" Cardia is set to join Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition in the Prime League. The 17-year-old player will be fighting with 18-year-old Toplaner Gia "Addusto" Huy Khuat for the starting spot. This information was told by sources to Sheep Esports.

A fight of rookies

Addusto joined Unicorns Of Love last split following an impressive performance in the LFL Division 2. The German toplaner didn't have the worst split in Spring with his team after a fifth place finish in the play-offs. However those results are disappointing considering that Unicorns Of Love were the undisputed Prime League Champions in 2023.

While Sheep Esports do not know if this decision is performance related, toplaner Shelfmade will practice along Addusto this Summer Split. Sources have indicated that both players are expected to have a fair shot at the starting spot.

Unicorns Of Love have a history of helping grow rookie player and even give play time to their substitutes. This was at least the case with AD Carry Mareike "Sayna" Burg last year as she played some official games for Unicorns Of Love despite being a substitute.

Having two young players competing for the same role is unusual, as substitute rookie players are often brought in to challenge veteran players. However it might create an interesting dynamic to help both players improve.

As a sidenote, yes, Shelfmade is a different player than Selfmade, who also found a team recently.

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- Brieuc "LEC Wooloo" Seeger -