Sources: Rebels Gaming to join CS2. They reached an agreement with PALOMA's core roster.



20/12/2023 - 3'

David de Gea's organization is set to join CS2

According to close sources, Rebels Gaming is set to join CS2 soon. The club of the famous football goalkeeper David de Gea, and football players Mata and Bruno Fernandes has recently reached an agreement with the core roster of PALOMA. Rebels Gaming will expand to another esport in case it is confirmed that they will compete in CS2.

Paloma Team

The roster of Paloma is a team formed by Polish players, where all players who played for the team are from Poland. They are currently ranked 95 in the HLTV ranking but they have also been ranked 75 in the past.

This addition of an organization to the CS2 ecosystem will be one more that we are seeing lately, previously Guild announced that it was entering CS2 with the Bad New Eagles roster.

Rebels Gaming roster

The core of the team decided not to continue with their previous coach and with the player Moonwalk. In addition, they decided to hire the services of Mariusz 'casey' Jarząb instead of Moonwalk and he will be the fifth player on the roster. Casey was on PALOMA's roster previously. At the moment all the players are confirmed and the only thing missing is to decide who will be the team's coach.

If confirmed, Rebels Gaming's roster for their CS2 debut would be:
Patryk "olimp " Woźniak
Rafał "sNx" Snopek
Kamil "kisserek" Banak
Mariusz "casey"Jarząb
Alan " Flayy " Krupa

- Alejandro "Anonimotum" Gomis -