Sources: LCS Coach Richard "Richard" Su allegations



29/03/2024 - 4'

FlyQuest Coach Richard "Richard" Su allegations

According to sources close to Sheep Esports, Richard "Richard" Su allegedly used to maintain a Twitter (Now X) alias where he misrepresented his age and talked to underaged individuals, flirting with them. These allegations allegedly involve multiple girls and these actions by Richard are said to be very known within the OCE LoLEsports scene.

Richard is currently the strategic coach for FlyQuest in the LCS who just finished 1st place in the regular season, as well as the team qualifying for MSI 2024. Richard used to be both a player as well as coach in the OCE scene known as "Phantiks".

One of the stories sent to Sheep Esports is when he used his alias, known as a 13/14-year-old German boy, to contact a girl who, at the time, was 17 years old. Important to note that Richard was 24/25 years old during this encounter (2020), lying about his age on that account. The source confirmed that him and the girl were flirting in DMs, with Richard being the one to start it by DMing the girl first as well as continuing.

This is allegedly only one of many instances of Richard doing something like this, and multiple sources have backed up what has been said about Richard and his fake alias on Twitter and how he used it to contact underage girls with it.

There are also instances of him flaming other pro players under this alias, as well as being known in solo queue as a very toxic teammate.

FlyQuest when reached out to for comment told Sheep Esports that they will be releasing a public statement.

Update: FlyQuest have released their statement

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