Sources: Dark Passage acquire five new players for TCL Summer Split




15/05/2024 - 5'

Dark Passage change full roster following fourth place finish in spring

Dark Passage have reached a verbal agreement with five new players for the Summer Split, sources told Sheep Esports on Wednesday. The full expected roster looks as follows:

Toplane: Kim "Zest" Dong-min
Jungle: Ali "CHEF" Durgut
Midlane: Jonathan "Backlund" Bäcklund
AD Carry: İlker "Ruep" Bilen
Support: Han "Patch" Seung-min

Return from a break

Despite coming from two very different backgrounds, Dark Passage's two sololaners return to competitive after a break in Spring. Zest, who formerly played for GEN Challengers, didn't play for a team during the Spring Split after a sixth place finish in the LCK Challengers League.

Similarly, Backlund wasn't on any team this year following a ninth place finish in the LFL. A surprising occurence considering that the player had won the LFL Spring Split in 2023.

Joined by TCL players

Patch will return to TCL after a year with NASR, where he finished seventh in Spring. On the other hand, CHEF and Ruep will both be joining from BoostGate Esports. The two turkish players had a decent split after finishing third in the TCL and qualify to the EMEA Masters. Ruep was also considered by SuperMassive during the offseason before settling on Support Mustafa "Carry" Selim Yılmaz as resident.

Dark Passage are one of the prominent TCL teams benefitting from BoostGate Esports losing many of their players. Indeed, BoostGate Esports are now expected to field a full rookie squad. With this new roster, Dark Passage will look to improve their results and qualify themselves to EMEA Masters next split.

For more roster changes, don't forget to check out our Transfers Hub as a TCL section will be added soon.

- Brieuc "LEC Wooloo" Seeger -