GO Boukada: "This year, the level is much more even"




13/02/2024 - 10'

"For me, [BKROG and KC] are the two favorites on paper."

After a first year in the LFL in 2021 with MCES, Mehdi "Boukada" Lahlou makes his big comeback alongside Team GO. Despite a loss against BDS Academy during the LFL Days in Nice, the former rookie does not lose hope and remains confident for the rest of the split.

How come Team GO didn't win any games, and how does that affect you?

Let's say we weren't on the same page in terms of team fighting; there was also a move bot that we missed, so for me, it's on the details that we lose. Even if, considering the timer, the game looks more like a stomp, I feel like we've often been in control, the move that loses us the game, we create it ourselves. We lose the game a bit on fights and moves that we may be forcing. On one hand, I'm sad because we lost, but on the other hand, I think, well, I don't feel like they had too much of an upper hand, we'll get them in the return match.

Did playing on stage affect your performance?

Honestly, no, I don't think it affected us, and if it did, it was actually positive. I think playing on stage is really cool, you see the fans, hear the chants, and you want to give it your all even more than usual, it adds a little something.

So far, is everything going well at Team GO? Do you see yourselves as potential favorites of the LFL?

I think we're a bit unstable, for now, we're 4-4 so in itself, it's going pretty well, but it could be better. After all, scrims have been disasters recently, things aren't going well, but on stage, we have a decent level. So honestly, it's good, we're scaling little by little, and if we play well, we can aim for the title in some splits.

You played your first time in the LFL for MCES in 2021. Today, do you consider yourself a veteran of the LFL or as a player who still has to prove himself?

I would say I no longer see myself as a veteran, I was able to have a good year in the LFL and an excellent year in division 2. In the meantime, I gained confidence, took on much more of a leadership role, something I didn't have at all at MCES, I was a beginner and I was only 18.

Do you feel that the level of the LFL is higher?

Clearly, the level of the LFL has increased significantly. Compared to division 2 last year, I see a huge difference. In division 2, there were one or two good teams and the rest were rather mediocre, now, I feel like everyone can beat everyone. The level is very tight, but I don't think it's super high, no team stands out.

Since everyone has roughly the same level, do you feel greater pressure regarding the results you expect in the LFL?

Pressure, I'm not sure. We can beat all teams and all teams can beat us, so we take it match by match, and if we work well, the results will come.

Who would be your favorite in the LFL?

Since the beginning of the split, I think BK ROG is really not bad, but between them and KC, I would say KC. They have really excellent players, but it's very close with BK ROG. For me, they are the two favorites on paper.

A word to Mathias who is very proud to have a 100% win rate against the former TDS players?

Mathias, you were lucky to beat us, we had 8000 gold ahead, you should never have beaten us, but in the return match, we will erase that 100% win rate.

- Brieuc "LEC Wooloo" Seeger -