GX Ignar: "When I was playing in the EU, I always had a good memory [...] it's a big reason I came back"




08/02/2024 - 7'

"I want to be aggressive botlane with him"

This is a retranscription of GiantX live twitch with Sheep Esports in december.

| Laure: Have you interviewed Ignar before?

| No, I think it's the first time I interview LEC players, in person.

| Laure: Because I talked to him at the Worlds, when he was with NRG and when he kept on telling me, I was like, how do you keep on winning? No one believes in you. How do you guys do you keep on winning? And he was like, I don't know, man. I wake up every day, my suitcase is done, and I'm ready to leave. But we keep on winning so I was like, okay.(laugh) And then he announced that he was coming back to Europe. So actually, I was really, really hyped. I mean, he had an interesting year, honestly, with the whole rebranding of the team from CLG to NRG being last to finally winning the split. So, for me, this guy has seen everything.


| Welcome, Ignar. So, thank you for coming here. You know, I am a big European fan, and I was watching you with Misfits. You had a good run at Worlds. So I am very curious if you are happy to be back in Europe, and if playing in Europe was like a factor in coming to GiantX, is it a reason that, did you want to come back to Europe? Is it a reason that you chose this team? So, what do you think of it?

Ignar: "Yeah, I mean, when I was playing in the EU, I always had a good memory and a fun memory as well. So it's a big reason I came back. And then, when I see this team, I think it can be really good."

| Laure: Well, you won LCS in summer last year with NRG. You had a really good run at Worlds for western teams, but then you still decided to come back to Europe. So, do you still think LEC is better than the LCS (laugh)?

Ignar: "Well at that point, I didn't expect that NRG could beat G2 because I thought G2 was really strong. Yeah, I mean, that day, NA was better because we beat G2. Okay. I think EU is strong because of G2."

| I'm happy to hear that. Are there any players from your time in Europe that you are looking forward to play against once again? For example, you played with Hans Sama in the past, and at Worlds, do you want to play against him again? Are there other players you want to face again?

Ignar: "I think maybe upset because I had really good memories with him, like I think me and upset was really strong botlane when I was in sharky’s, and then he's still good. So, I am looking forward to play against him."

| Laure: You played with Odo before, no?

Ignar: "Yeah, same team."

| Laure: How is it being back in the same team as him? Is he a different player? I mean, I think he is. But how different is the synergy between the two of you compared to the time you used to play together?

Ignar: "I think Odo seems kind of the same. A little bit more, calm down a little bit (laugh). Before it was more like more active, like speak funny stuff, something like that. But now it's maybe a little bit calm down because of maybe age, getting older (laugh)."

| Is that a good thing?

Ignar: "Yeah, I think."

| Laure: I think people can remember you from the Misfits days. Must be the Fervor Leona and stuff like this. And I feel like back then, the level of support in Europe was really high. You are being one of the best supports we had in the league. How do you rate the level of support now in the LEC?

Ignar: "Oh, now it's a little bit hard to say because we are practicing with new patch. So everything is so chaotic for everyone, even for me. So it's a little bit hard to judge. But maybe, I think, kind of same or like back then was a little bit better. My thinking."

| Laure: Okay, I have a question about the new patch, maybe if you don't mind, because as you said, there's a lot of stuff that's going to change. We saw the changes to the map, especially the botlane with the new gank and dives angle, especially on red side. What do you think about the changes and how it's going to impact botlane as a whole?

Ignar: "I think people will get used to the new map really fast. But for the first time, if you don't think about it or if you don't think about the warding stuff, I think it's so easy to gank like dive killing. So I think it's quite a big change. But if you get used to it, I don't think it's like crazy change because both teams are going to try to fight for the vision like new maps. So I think it's kind of fun."

| Do you think those changes will affect expectations for teams? Do you think some teams will be better at adapting, or is it something that will come easily to everyone?

Ignar: "I think I can't tell you fully because I don't know too, but I think for sure because this change is quite big in my opinion. So I think for sure it will affect some teams here."

| Laure: Question about the LEC format because back when you used to play in Europe, it was much different, and it was the first year we had this format in 2023. What do you think of it? As someone who has never played this format but has just looked at it before.

Ignar: "To be honest, when I was watching LEC format this year from NA, I was thinking, too much complexity or maybe take too much time too. So I don't know; I need the experience. But back then, when I was thinking about it, it was a little bit too much, but if I experience it, maybe it is good. So I look forward."

| Very interesting. Which teams do you think will be the best in LEC? Do you think GiantX is one of them?

Ignar: "I think G2 for sure."

| Even... You beat them but you still think they will be the best?

Ignar: "Yeah, I think... We beat them, but I think G2 was a little bit off too, to be honest. I think G2 is really good and then, I think G2, Fnatic and I feel like we can beat everyone."

| Fnatic also has new support that comes from Korea. Jun. Do you know him? Are you looking to play forward against him? What can European fans expect?

Ignar: "I have no idea about Jun that much, but I'm really looking forward to playing against him because he was like, when I watched some LCK highlights or something, I saw him sometimes, and then also he's Korean support, so I'm looking forward to playing with him."

| He was good in the highlights. Yeah. Interesting.

| Laure: I think it was Odo who was talking about the synergy you're going to have with Patrik and how Patrik needs to have support that understands him really well and compliments him on the rift. How has it been working with him so far? And can you tell me more about the synergy between the two of you and what kind of botlane you're aiming to be together?

Ignar: "I think Synergy going with Patrik going quite well, in my opinion. I think I need to understand it more because I think Patrick is a little bit quiet. Quiet guy."

| Laure: So you're talking more?

Ignar: "Maybe. I mean, he talks a lot, but he talks in a quiet, low voice, so I need to understand him more. But so far, I think we are doing good, and yeah, I think so far we are doing good. Even though he's quiet, he's not a passive player; he's actually aggressive, so I want to be aggressive botlane with him."

| Really nice. So, if he's quiet, Odo calms down. Who is the shotcaller in Giantx?

| Laure: Yeah, who's the main voice of the team?

Ignar: "Right now, I mean everyone is doing well, in my opinion. But for me, the impression is Jackie's because when I see rookies, they are usually quiet, have less confidence or want to be passengers a little bit, but Jackie's is actually fixed a lot. So I think we are doing a shotcall with everyone. But more impressive is Jackie's for me."

| Laure: Question about Peach maybe because, as we said before, his communication in English was maybe something that was lacking last year and you obviously being Korean and helping him in that sense can maybe benefit the team. Have you been helping Peach, and do you feel like he's resting on you for communication? Are you helping him improve when it comes to communicating in English?

Ignar: " I explained him about english stuff in real life a little bit, but I don't think I did it a lot because I think he understands quite well, in my opinion. And then I don't speak to him in game in korean. I don't think it's necessary right now because I think he understands and can speak most of it. So I think overall, it's okay."

| Excel said earlier that their plan if they have you as support was to pair you with Peach. Did you know Peach before joining GiantX, were you wanting to play with him?

Ignar: "I knew him for sure because I watched when Excel was doing great in summer split so I was watching, I knew how he played, and then something like that."

| So in LCS, you were still watching LEC a lot?

Ignar: "Not a lot, but I always watch highlight stuff."

| And you watch all regions?

Ignar: "Not all regions but LCK most, LCK, LPL most, but I watch a lot of YouTube."

| (Brieuc watching Laure...) Laure: I think I'm good. Yeah, I have to save some questions for later. (laugh)

| Makes sense. Okay. Well, thank you so much, Ignar, for coming here.

| Laure: And thank you for coming back to Europe. We missed you.

| Yes, I hope you're hoping to. Great. And last time you were, Europe did great. So we'll be looking forward to see you play. Thank you for coming, and thank you for the answers.

Ignar: "Thank you. Thank you so much."

- Brieuc "LEC Wooloo" Seeger -