Exclusive Interview: Marco Mereu sheds light on Daniil Medvedev joining as investor and co-owner of M80




10/11/2023 - 6'

More and more personalities are investing in esports.

A rising North American organization, M80 is now set to complete a new round of investment as it looks to secure a strong addition to its shareholder group. Daniil Sergeyevich Medvedev, a Russian tennis player, is set to join the club in 2024. A multi-disciplinary organization, M80 is currently most known for its investment in VALORANT, Counter-Strike 2, and Rainbox Six. Founded by ex-XSET co-founder, the organization is now poised to become one the biggest fishes in the esports scene.

In its first year, the organization has already achieved several impressive results within the games it is invested in. Team team's VALORANT division managed to sweep through the Challengers Leagues and came 2nd place in the VCT Ascension tournament. Additionally to these results, the team's R6 division also achieved a 2nd place finish at the Gamers8 tournament along with several major tournament appearances.

Daniil Sergeyevich Medvedev, born in 1996, is a prominent Russian professional tennis player. He is most renowned for his historic victory at the 2021 US Open, where he defeated Novak Djokovic in the final to deny him the Grand Slam and secured his first Grand Slam title. Currently, the player has a net worth value which is approximated to be in the tens of millions of US Dollars.

Marco Mereu, CEO of M80
Marco Mereu, CEO of M80

To provide further insight into this development, we present an exclusive interview with Marco Mereu, the current CEO and owner of M80:

• M80 is a fairly new organization, how would you describe your team and its ambitions in the esports scene?

M80 is focused on building a championship driven esports brand across multiple titles with a worldwide audience. Winning is what brings us together.

• M80 and Daniil Medvedev is not an obvious connection, how did you connect with each other and came to talk?

We were connected by mutual friends who recognized Daniil’s passion for esports and our growth and standing as an esports organization. We were aware Daniil was a passionate player in Rainbow Six Siege and accomplished as well (he was a diamond ranked player). I came down to see him play at the US Open in September and hit it off. Things moved quickly from there.

• How did the discussions go? Was the relationship good from the start?

Yes we share similar visions and goals and commit ourselves to success.

• What shape is Medvedev’s involvement going to take in M80? Is he going to stay in the background or is he going to become publicly involved in the future?

Daniil is already very involved with M80 leadership on matters related to our esports teams, partnerships and long term vision for the organization. I expect him to be a visible owner.

• What does adding Daniil Medvedev mean for the organization?

Adding a partner like Daniil to the ownership group levels us up across not only esports but traditional sports as well and grows the brand globally which is an important goal for 2024. We have fans from the US to Brazil and EU and expect to continue to invest in connecting those audiences.

• What are you hoping to achieve by this step? Is trying to bridge the gap between esports and traditional sports one of your goals?

Connecting esports and traditional sports makes sense in many ways - from an audience and fan base perspective to the commitment and vision it takes to win at the highest levels.

• While we have seen sports players getting involved in the past, especially football players, tennis players have so far been absent. Do you think having a Tennis player on board has unique advantages that investors of other backgrounds might not offer?

I think generally its the person not the sport but with tennis being an individual sport with such an important mental aspect it’s not surprising this is the connection we made.

• Can we expect further involvements of this kind in the future for M80?

Yes - 2024 is already shaping up to be a movie. Bring your popcorn.

• Will you look at Sports specifically or can we expect for example actors or musicians to become involved in the future?

If it is the right partner with a shared vision it can make sense. We don’t add partners just for the name or brand they have to be committed to making this a successful business and esports program.

• Lastly, is there anything you want to tell your supporters, who are going to be very excited by this announcement? What can they expect to come from you in the future?

We hope you continue to support our teams across the major titles we are in and share our vision for building a winner. We plan for M80 to be one of the largest esports organizations in the world and that will only come with hard work and a little luck! Thank you!


This move will mark just one of the many recent esports investments made by public figures. Just earlier this month, Argentinian organization KRÜ Esports also announced its own signing of Lionel Messi as a new co-owner and shareholder of the esport organization. M80 is now looking to follow a similar path and set itself apart from other organizations in its sector.

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